360 Immersive Digital Tunnel

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1 months

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The Challenge

Create a 360 experience in the form of an entry tunnel that transports guests into the future of Malaysia's energy sector in a 2+ min presentation.

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How we did it?

By creating a fully immersive tunnel made from digital screens, reflective LED flooring and equipped with surround audio.

The content was made from scratch with 3D modelling of futuristic cities, an underwater abyss, various plants with various virtual 3d cameras that allowed us to project this new world in a 360 format to audiences.

Key Highlights

Over 1,400sq ft of Digital Screens Surround Environmental & Narrative Audio Special Content Production via 3D Virtual Cam Technology 360 Video Recording Tunnel for Virtual Audiences Suspended Digital LED Roof

Tehcnical Specifications

12mx4mx3m Total Buildup Fireproof Fabric Emergency Exits LED Ceiling Suspension via Overhead Rigging 12mx4m Elevated Platform Floor with Mirror Surface Coating & LED Strip Ligthing Industry Low Profile Column Speakers & Concealed Subwoofers

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